I used to call myself a naysayer.

Ever practical, I’d think about the potential downside of everything. I thought of myself as cautious, risk-averse, and kind of a scardey-cat.

I had dreams–of creativity, of serving, of growing closer to God–but I felt like I’d never have the chutzpah to succeed at any of them.

But in the last few years, something radical changed.

Now, I feel brave. I feel useful. I feel empowered by Jesus. And even though I have far to go on many of my goals, I feel like a success.

How did my life change from fear to boldness?

I started saying yes to things that scared me. Little yeses. Like inviting a friend to stay with us. Deciding I’m a beginner, and embracing that. Being honest about my doubts. Taking a break from church services. A new prayer. Nothing too crazy.

But intentionally saying yes led to crazy places. Like getting really excited about Jesus for the first time in a long timeLike moving to Argentina for six months. Like finding my voice and developing relationships with amazing women through venues I’m passionate about. Like starting to feel confident that I could dream dreams and they might actually come true.

I used to think the successful people were the ones who had already arrived. But now I realize success is about taking the first step in a long journey of purpose.

Do ever let fear say yes in your life? Do you yearn to leave it behind, and live a life that means something?

Here’s the truth I want to sing to you each week:

You can do the things you’re afraid of, slowly and exuberantly–and when you do, your life will break wide open.

That’s what this blog is about. That’s the path I’m on. And I would love to have you join me. (How? Subscribing is a great way to start.)


I’ve written about small yeses for (in)courage, Skirt! Magazine, The Happiest Home, SheLoves Magazine, The Power of Moms, and Brain Child.

And I want to write about them for you.

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I want you to find what gives you joy, too. I want you to say yes to it. Not in a way that frightens you. Just in a tiny way, a lean forward, a slight tilt of the head. An earnest, honest prayer that changes everything.

I know from experience that by starting small, starting with joy and gentleness, we can change the way we see the world. We can live by God’s power. We can change how we create things, treat others, parent. I have a secret hope: that by saying little yeses, we can do good in the world.

Won’t you say yes with me?

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Join me! Because this is a journey I’m on for the long haul, and I know it’ll be better with friends.

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