Deciding you’re an outsider—and deciding you’re not


My sister Katie, and I were talking about social anxiety recently—something we both struggle with a lot. “My therapist said I always automatically assume I’m an outsider,” she said. “I hold myself away from people and assume I’m on the outside of what they’re doing. And she said that attitude is a choice, and I can […]

Dirty is human: #wordmadeart


This post might offend some people—especially at the beginning. Bear with me and read the whole thing, and then see if you are still offended.  This week’s project is getting a page of an old Bible dirty. I knew it would make me nervous. I did not expect it to make me cry. The easy part was deciding where […]

The Illusion-Shattering Space: an interview with Erin Lane


Erin Lane has helped create two books I’ve loved—first, she helped edit Talking Taboo, a collection of essays by women getting honest about faith. And then she wrote a memoir called Lessons in Belonging From a Church-Going Commitment Phobe. Guys, it’s well-worth the read—an honest, quiet memoir of our fraught trek to church on Sundays. I was so pleased […]

Trusting the Church After Abuse: For Her.meneutics

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Earlier this summer, the Mennonite Church USA held its annual conference. The unofficial theme was something no organization wants to print on promotional materials. Over and over, Anabaptist leaders at the gathering repented of the denomination’s complicity in their most famous theologian’s sexual abuse. John Howard Yoder is thought to have victimized nearly 100 women during his […]