When doing the right thing feels like betrayal: for SheLoves


A few months before I told on my sister, I paged through the current Teen Magazine.There was an article about anorexia and bulimia, and what to do if you—or someone you loved—suffered from them. Tell, the article said. Tell. My sister, Katie, had gotten the stomach flu over Christmas. Except I noticed, sharing a bathroom with her, […]

A Ritual of Minuscule Devotion for Cara Meredith


I  I’m excited, guys! A cool blogger, Cara Meredith, invited me to be part of her series on  #rituals. Cara’s the kind of person whose infectious enthusiasm and welcome makes slightly socially awkward people like me relax. I’m so honored to be part of this dear woman’s blog on rituals.  Every night, after my kids are tucked in […]

The Problem with Big Ideas for Simple Homeschool


I was the kind of new mother that read discipline books when my child was too little to hold up her head. Let’s call that well-prepared instead of terrified, shall we? My first foray into discipline books was Positive Discipline. Among other things, the author, Jane Nelsen, recommends family meetings to help resolve problems. What’s […]

The Gospel According to Nine Inch Nails


I was alone in my parents’ house when Nine Inch Nails helped change my life. It was a few months after college graduation. I was listening to music while I packed everything—after just unpacking. Not long before, my mom had told me I had two weeks to get out. It was just me, a bass […]