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Emily, the Bible, and me

Emily, the Bible, and me thumbnail

  THE BIBLE is an antique volume Written by faded men, At the suggestion of Holy Spectres— Subjects—Bethlehem— Eden—the ancient Homestead— Satan—the Brigadier, Judas—the great Defaulter, David—the Troubadour. Sin—a distinguished Precipice Others must resist, Boys that “believe” Are very lonesome— Other boys are “lost.” Had but the tale a warbling Teller All the boys would [...]

the art of complete surrender: One woman’s yes with Pam Hogweide thumbnail

Pam Hogeweide's writing has always struck me as gutsy and straight from her heart. But her recent post about her son's cancer diagnosis--and how art was saving her life--hit me especially hard. I spoke to her about how saying yes to upside down beauty--art and illness and grief, all wrapped together--is helping her survive.   [...]

Five reasons church leaders must speak up about sexual abuse thumbnail

Over the weekend, the #yesallwomen hashtag exploded around the Internet. CNN reports more than a million tweets (and counting) have expressed solidarity for the women that endure harassment, abuse, sexism and sexual assault on a daily basis in our world. And—much to our dismay—in the church. It might be easy to look at the hashtags and think [...]


Making things is subversive

Making things is subversive thumbnail

I was embarrassed when my neighbors knocked on the door. I wasn’t sure if I’d combed my hair that morning, and I was wearing ratty pants and a stained camisole. But what really embarrassed me were the paintings on the floor inside. I opened the door. “Sorry, the girls are gone,” I told Matt and his [...]


I had mustard-seed faith bass-ackwards

I had mustard-seed faith bass-ackwards thumbnail

I was at my father-in-laws one weekend, and walked by the living room, where the TV was blaring. A Latino band was shredding on-screen; they were playing in some sort of outdoor concert. I stopped for a moment to listen to them rock out, when I blinked, leaned forward, and gasped. Si tuvieras fe como [...]


"I am going through another spell of finding it difficult to read the Bible.   I never know quite what to make of it.   I don’t feel guilty at all about it and I know it won’t be long before I return to it again with renewed zest. . . True, there is always a danger [...]


Beyond safety nets to Shalom

I took a public speaking class in college, where we tried all kind of speeches: occasional speeches, debates, educational lectures. Having done a lot of theater as a kid, the class wasn’t that scary. Until the extemporaneous speech. We pulled a topic out of a bag, had one minute to plan, and then gave a five-minute [...]


Unschool part 4: passion will surprise you

In high school, I hated studying Spanish grammar. Hated. (No really, with a passion.) I did not want to memorize whether muchedumbre was masculine or feminine. I did not want to make flashcards of verb endings. I found grammar both tedious and unintelligible. Then two years ago, I started trying to get back my Spanish [...]


Brain, Child: Relieving myself

So I'm honored to have an old essay of mine up on Brain, Child's website today. It's an amazing magazine that helps me process my journey through motherhood with wit, insight, and just the tiniest bit of irony. First off, go subscribe NOW. This magazine is such an antidote to our culture's narrative of parenthood. Not [...]


the hospitality of greetings

The instructions for passing the peace are pretty clear—and even written in the bulletin: un saludo cordial, mirando a los ojos. Which means, “a cordial greeting, looking into each others eyes.” My first time at the Spanish-language service at my church, I thought I understood those instructions. I stood up and shook hands with the people seated [...]