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The dignity of small things: Four metaphors for faith thumbnail

I'm exploring new metaphors for faith that are transforming my outlook. Last week, we talked about faith as a creative practice. Today, faith as housework. For a long time, I felt ashamed of how routine my faith was. I felt ashamed that I could say a prayer without thinking about it too much, or read the Bible without [...]

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it’s easy to be alone–a synchroblog post for Cara Strickland thumbnail

I'm so pleased to be joining in with Cara Strickland's synchroblog on friendship today. Cara's writing is quiet and deep. She honors words with her thoughtfulness. So it's good to jump into that still stream with her and know my thoughts will be honored. You could join in too! Just type up a little somethin-somethin [...]


I am not okay for ForEveryMom

I am not okay for ForEveryMom thumbnail

I'm so honored to have this post from December syndicated on ForEveryMom today. I long to have more of us heave a sigh of relief and stop pretending we have our (*&^ together. Won't you join me there? Sidle up to your best friend at church. Tell your husband when you have a minute alone. Admit it [...]


Cutting a hiding place in scripture: #wordmadeart

Cutting a hiding place in scripture: #wordmadeart thumbnail

So the project I was most eager to start with was making a hidey hole in my Bible. Why? I am a murder mystery aficionado. Nothing says "Hercule Poirot" like a secret compartment cut in a book. ROMANCE. Again, a hiding place in a book? It's so any kind of old-timey literature. All those verses about [...]

The art is in the doing as much as the finishing: Four metaphors for faith thumbnail

Last year, complained about faith metaphors I find unhelpful. But any critique begs the question: what’s the alternative? I am so glad you asked. There are a lot of metaphors I’m finding transformative. I’m going to devote a post to each of four. Today, faith as a creative practice. As a writer, I face a blank page [...]


Gathering is a pain in the ass

Gathering is a pain in the ass thumbnail

After my mother-in-law Donna, died, we sorted her things. She sewed, the kind of seamstress that will deconstruct her favorite dress, figure out how to improve it, and make herself three more. My mother-in-law was always on the looking for odds and ends at the thrift store where she worked, especially anything mechanical or vintage. [...]


upside down and backwards: Recovering the Bible

upside down and backwards: Recovering the Bible thumbnail

You ready to start The Word Made Art?? The first project is to recover the Bible. In both senses of the word. (Wheeeee!) So last week, I introduced you to my Bible. Here it is again: Here's the inside. (A little busy. Also: How did I write that small?): I gathered materials: I crumpled up the grocery bag [...]

the rocket that will fling you across your known universe thumbnail

I'm reviewing goals from 2014. I’ll be honest: on paper, the my results don't look good. I set about twenty overarching goals. Out of those twenty goals, I’m still actively pursuing three or four. In school, 15% completion would not a good GPA make. So you would think I’d feel a little chagrined about goals this [...]


Best of 2014 for A Little Yes

Best of 2014 for A Little Yes thumbnail

Color me surprised: it's already 2015. And as per usual, I remember that bloggers celebrate their past year last week. There's no time like the present, though. Here for your reading pleasure: My most popular posts of 2014. The magic portal between how we treat our kids and how we treat ourselves "I see that the freedom [...]


I’m going to wreck my Bible. Here’s why.

I’m going to wreck my Bible. Here’s why. thumbnail

Meet my Bible from college. "Nice to meet you," it says. I got this Bible when I attended Intervarsity's missions conference in 1996.. It was compact, so when I left the next year for Argentina, I took this Bible with me. It was the first Bible I read all the way through. And it was [...]