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Our humanness is important too: One Woman’s Yes with Jen Pollock Michel thumbnail

I got tears in my eyes in the first chapter of Jen Pollock Michel's book when she asked, "Is it true that the hardest, least desirable choice is the most obviously holy? Is it true that personal desire must never be trusted?" I'm so excited to introduce you to Jen, her book, and the language [...]


unmentioning, unmaking, undoing, unsaying

unmentioning, unmaking, undoing, unsaying thumbnail

“Wait, I didn’t know you had a brother and sister,” Renee said. We were in my pool. The aqua color reflected the sky canopy overhead. It was Tucson hot, not as hot as Phoenix hot, but hot enough. On the radio in summer, they counted the number of days over one hundred degrees, and it [...]


in your face love: #wordmadeart

in your face love: #wordmadeart thumbnail

Generally, as an artist, if the idea of creating something makes you want to weep, it is golden and you must immediately do it. This was one of those projects. The prompt was to use pop-up book techniques to transform one of the Bible pages. Recently, my parents brought back some old photos from Michigan; after my [...]

Doing nothing makes space for new life: Four metaphors for faith thumbnail

This is a four-part series about new metaphors that are transforming how I look at faith. So far, we talked about faith as a creative practice, faith as housework, and faith as caregiving. Today: faith as birth. One note: birth carries a lot of baggage. I’m going to talk about giving birth at home. There are lots of different [...]


The privilege of being small and beloved

The privilege of being small and beloved thumbnail

I spent my childhood hoping to make it big. I did pretty well. At age 12, I starred in a professional production of Annie in Phoenix, moving an hour away from my home in Tucson for the run of the show, and belting out Tomorrow in front of thousands of people. A year later, I came across the play’s [...]


A fire hose of CHILD: Four metaphors for faith

A fire hose of CHILD: Four metaphors for faith thumbnail

This is a four-part series about new metaphors that are transforming how I look at faith. So far, we talked about faith as a creative practice and faith as housework. Today, faith as caregiving. What do I dislike most about homeschooling? I am around my kids almost all the time. What do I like best about it? I am around [...]

Spiritual Abuse is Real. Here’s How to Recover. For Relevant.com thumbnail

The moment I realized I had been abused, I was staring at my computer screen. I’d been working on a book about reading the Bible without anxiety, and decided to include scenes from my high school youth group, at the church I still attend. There, I’d made amazing friends, had my first heady experiences of fellowship, the [...]


restore the walls: #wordmadeart

restore the walls: #wordmadeart thumbnail

I've only walked one prayer labyrinth in my life, but it was a sweet experience. I loved pacing through the circles until I reached the center. I loved the patterns of the arcs and curves. So I wanted to make a labyrinth for my own Bible. I looked up instructions online. There are different styles, [...]

How curse words helped save my faith: on ForEveryMom.com thumbnail

I recently got a respectful and fraught email from a (now former) subscriber. She said she was unsubscribing because of a swear word I used on a recent post—“sh*tty.” (And then last week, I didn’t censor that word in an interview … because I thought it was warranted.) My former reader mentioned the verse from Timothy about [...]

“I will be listened to.” One Woman’s Yes with Dianna E. Anderson thumbnail

About noon every few days, a little email pops into my inbox with Dianna E. Anderson's latest post. I take a deep breath and open it, knowing I'll get a little shot in the arm of straight-up boldness. Diana is fierce, and reading her regularly makes me fiercer, too. So I wanted to talk to [...]