Abusers are people too


Trigger warning: sexual abuse When I was a junior in college, my mom called. She had bad news. “Heather,” she said, “Someone made allegations about [my youth pastor’s name]. She said he molested her.” My first reaction? Complete disbelief. Our youth pastor had inspired both love and disdain in our church. His whole tenure, various […]

I am trying to forgive my grandmother. Here’s why.


(Trigger warning–sexual abuse) My grandmother is slight, white-haired, slow to speak, and nearly lost to dementia. For a year or so now, she has been in a nursing home, unwillingly. Years ago when I would visit, she would serve me breakfast: a bowl of fresh home-grown raspberries in a white bowl, or toast with homemade freezer jam that […]

Tearing apart my Bible for SheLoves Magazine


When I was little, I would trail my mom to the fabric store nearly every month. It was middling in my list of errands: no toys, but the pattern books did provide some pre-Pinterest craft browsing. My mom would finger washable silk or ultra-suede, and I’d flip pages, trying to be patient. Once she decided, we’d […]

The power the good witch wields: #wordmadeart


This week’s prompt for the Word Made Art is to have a kid draw something in your Bible. Honestly, this one scared me. You’d think being a homeschooling mom, getting my kids involved in my projects would be a no-brainer. But the honest truth, my hermit’s heart is alive and well. I love my kids, […]