The brief moments where I did not hate the Bible

March 12, 2014

Can I tell you something that embarrasses me? I’m becoming a Bible nerd. Yesterday, I recorded myself reading some Psalms aloud. I made MP3s of the files, and added them to a playlist on my iPhone. Today, I listened to them while I was cleaning the scrambled egg off of a cast-iron pan. Why? I’m [...]

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The beginner takes on: fasting

March 10, 2014

This year, one of my goals was to try various spiritual disciplines and practices in the hopes of identifying more ways to connect with God. I’ll tell you how each one goes. I am holding this practice loosely–it’s easy to have it become a laundry list instead of an invitation. I also decided to make [...]

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That Lent inadequacy complex

March 6, 2014

Can I confess something? The idea of Lent makes me feel inadequate and lazy every year. I approach the time knowing I want it to feel holy. I wonder what I could do, practice, give up in order to feel like I’m really experiencing it. I want to approach the foot of the cross with something worthy [...]

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“I have to know who I am.” One Woman’s Yes with Sarah Bessey

March 4, 2014

I took Sarah Bessey’s little yellow firecracker of a book, Jesus Feminist, to worship a few months ago, hoping someone in my (not terribly conservative) church would ask me about it. Because Jesus Feminist is a book you want to have conversations about–a book that’s inviting, and warm, and a bold call for all of us [...]

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Be like Topo: A guest post for Leanne Penny

March 3, 2014

By the very first hour of his invitation, Topo had already changed my life. And I didn’t even know his last name. It started on Palm Sunday. At the Presbyterian church I’d been attending for a few months in Buenos Aires, Topo stopped me outside the sanctuary. I had no idea who he was, but [...]

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Don’t Be a Robot for Jesus

March 1, 2014

There’s a reason I don’t read that many Christian books. Too often, I feel like throwing them across the room. Like the one I opened up the other day, which had this Christian wisdom nugget: “Jesus is teaching me to live by faith, not by my feelings.” On one hand, I completely agree with the [...]

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There’s no such thing as a big step

February 28, 2014

I’ve taken what look like big, risky steps in my life. I’ve moved abroad twice, once with my entire family in tow. I gave birth at home to two kids, and a few years later, I decided to homeschool them. When I tell people about these decisions, I see a lot of raised eyebrows. People will [...]

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What is unschooling?

February 26, 2014

I got an email in my inbox from a reader yesterday. It was quite to the point: “What is unschooling?” she asked. Which made me realize that my last post might have left out a few pertinent details. So I’m including my answer to her, along with a few reading recommendations. “Unschooling” is a sort [...]

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Unschool Part 1: The magic portal between how we treat our kids and how we treat ourselves

February 24, 2014

For the next few weeks, I want to write about unschooling, which is the kind of education we do here at Casa Caliri. Sometimes, though, I hesitate to write about homeschooling. Often people use it as some sort of a “good mother” cudgel.  I’ll opt out of those Mommy Wars. You do what works for YOUR [...]

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The one question I can’t stop asking

February 17, 2014

There’s a question in my faith that drives me crazy. It makes me eager with anticipation. I think I have it answered, only to discover that I don’t—at all. I deal with it every day, or wish that I did. It’s a question I judge myself by—and everyone else. It’s a question I’ll never be [...]

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