When the Rain Does Not Come–for The Mudroom


I used to watch the summer monsoons as if they were a picture show. Our house was perched at the top of a hill overlooking Tucson. Every August, thunderheads would roll over the bluish hills and send their pencil-sketch lightning bolts down over the glittering city. I’d turn off all the lights, spin the barrel […]

Happy Holy Week!


I’m creating a bit of empty space here this week. I pray that this time of contemplation, confession, and celebration finds you vulnerable and safe before God. Looking for some reading to accompany your week? Subscribers get a copy of my free e-book, Dancing Back to Jesus: Post-perfectionist faith in five easy verbs. Find out more […]

The land of the once-Christians


This is the third in a series of three posts about boundary-keeping in the church. Namely, how do we decide who is really “Christian”, and how do those dividing lines make people feel? I recognize that boundaries, theology, and creeds are essential for deciding what we believe, and who we are. But the practice of drawing lines is fraught. I’ve […]

Storyteller, Question-Weaver


The idea of asking my sister the question fills me with ice. Katie’s voice is cheerful, unaware of my distress. Her phone crackles a bit in my ear as she tells me about the trip she and her family are planning to the Dominican Republic. She’s ready to escape the Detroit winter. “I’m gonna go […]