One Woman’s Yes

Photo courtesy Nicholas “Lord Gordon”

Let’s celebrate yes together.

Once a month, I featuring a short interview or guest post from women who are saying yes to big and small change in their lives. Yes to creative projects, personal sacrifice, wild adventure, community and compassion. Yes starts small; yes is easier when we do it together. Let’s learn from each other, inspire one another, and be challenged to look for a new yes today.

Read the whole series here.

If you are saying yes–a small yes that’s proving transformative, or a big yes that is exciting to you–submit a guest post.

You in? Do this:

  • Write a 500-800 word post. Keep in mind: keep it real–I love honesty and clarity. Keep it vivid—use telling details and evocative language. And keep it encouraging. Let’s lift each other up.
  • Send it to me at heather dot caliri at gmail dot com. Include a picture of yourself and a short bio. I’d love to feature your projects and passions here. If you really don’t want to pre-write the post, pitch me your idea, and send some writing samples. But surprise me! Make it jump off the page!
  • Press send.

I will review your post and see if it’s a good fit for the blog.

I would also love to link to your posts on my Facebook page: if you’re talking about baby steps, first tries, and becoming a beginner in faith, parenthood, creative work or life, shoot me an email and let’s connect!