Am I ashamed of having enough?


When my sister would come home from the children’s home on visits, the first thing we would do was show each other our stuff. I watch my children doing this with friends: a sort of inventory-as-friendship. After all, until you know what’s exciting and fresh and new, how can you decide what to play? So […]

One bad decision could have crushed my daughter. Literally.


My mistake was being in a hurry. Of course, I had good reason to hurry. At my daughter’s art class I’d missed three phone calls in a row from my husband. He was home with our youngest. When I called back, no one was there to pick up. He was supposed to be there. Where was he? […]

Doing nothing makes space for new life: Four metaphors for faith


This is a four-part series about new metaphors that are transforming how I look at faith. So far, we talked about faith as a creative practice, faith as housework, and faith as caregiving. Today: faith as birth. One note: birth carries a lot of baggage. I’m going to talk about giving birth at home. There are lots of different […]