The Illusion-Shattering Space: an interview with Erin Lane


Erin Lane has helped create two books I’ve loved—first, she helped edit Talking Taboo, a collection of essays by women getting honest about faith. And then she wrote a memoir called Lessons in Belonging From a Church-Going Commitment Phobe. Guys, it’s well-worth the read—an honest, quiet memoir of our fraught trek to church on Sundays. I was so pleased […]

The Gospel According to Nine Inch Nails


I was alone in my parents’ house when Nine Inch Nails helped change my life. It was a few months after college graduation. I was listening to music while I packed everything—after just unpacking. Not long before, my mom had told me I had two weeks to get out. It was just me, a bass […]

Summer break

Hey, all! I’m taking a month or so off from blogging to refresh my spirit. Subscribers will continue to get my monthly newsletter, and I’ll probably post a few guest posts here and there. But I am going to create a little open space for thinking and dreaming on big projects. Happy summer, everyone. Happy […]