The privilege of being small and beloved


I spent my childhood hoping to make it big. I did pretty well. At age 12, I starred in a professional production of Annie in Phoenix, moving an hour away from my home in Tucson for the run of the show, and belting out Tomorrow in front of thousands of people. A year later, I came across the play’s […]

Our best efforts are our first fruits for the altar

lie from hell

My book is in the can. And people keep asking me how it feels. You know what? It feels awesome. I’m super-proud of myself for what I accomplished. I think the book is necessary, and different, and beautiful. I am convinced it will help people. I learned a ton writing it. But you know how […]

“I could never do what you’re doing” is a cop-out.

While I’m away, I’m digging back into my archives and posting a few goodies from the way-back machine. Enjoy! I’m at the doctor’s office, or church, or at a new women’s group. Someone asks where my child goes to school, and I tell them we homeschool. Before I got comfortable with homeschooling, I assumed people […]