Faith at Every Size


My old friend Michelle came over not that long ago. She’s blonde, with streaks of aqua blue through her short cut. Ever since I first met her, I’ve admired her confidence in who she is and what she wants to do with her life. Also, she’s fat. I would not have used that word for her […]

Be an editor


Don’t be deceived about the title: this piece isn’t just about editing. It’s about the hard work of encouraging other people. I have been a little nervous about editing other people’s work. It started when I did my MFA a few years ago. You get critique all the time in class. And partly, I noticed that […]

My child, my backpack, and the long days of motherhood


When my daughter Lucy was three, I decided to get intentional about her education. I wanted to homeschool long-term, but knew I was not an ideal candidate: I like quiet, order, and long-range projects. I also felt a little cuckoo stuck at home. With 18 hours a day to kill, I counted the days until fifth […]

Why Does Twitter Terrify Me? for The Mudroom


Let’s start out with a confession: Twitter terrifies me. I got my handle a few years ago. The day my friend Melissa explained to me how she manages her twitter account, makes lists, what she posts, and what a hashtag is, my heart thudded in my chest, dully as I listened. It’ll get easier, I […]