An Everyday Adventure: Los ocho enanitos

I found out about the children’s theater through the Buenos Aires City website. It turned out to be in the garden of a Spanish Art Museum–an open-air, ivy-covered theater.

IMG_4108We waited for the show–Snow White and the Eight (yes, eight) Dwarves, to start. The high rises looked down on the stage with blocky seriousness.

IMG_4110But the show was hardly serious. Neither were the actors that posed with our kids after the show was over.


We wandered home trhough Belgrano’s main square and watched some students playing twister (there, on the right).

IMG_4124We admired La Redonda, the round church that faces the square:

IMG_4141And we bought one tiny top at the feria de artesenales (craft fair), vowing we’d return another weekend to spend more time in the stalls and swing in the nearby play structure.


I swear, this city’s heart beats for children.

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  • JoyMC

    Those tops are so sweet! It looks like it was a wonderful day!

    • Heather

      Thanks, Joy! Welcome to this space, dear friend!