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Jesus is not an anesthesiologist

Jesus is not an anesthesiologist thumbnail

About a year ago, Rachel Held Evans wrote “The scandal of the evangelical heart.” She talked about how the tight theological arguments that exalt the genocide and violence of the Bible almost “scared her out of the Church.” Richard Beck calls this “orthodox alexithymia”. We completely uncouple our emotions from our theology. We expect ourselves [...]


What do you do when the Bible shreds your heart?

What do you do when the Bible shreds your heart? thumbnail

Here’s the moment I stopped reading the Bible. I was on the faded green easy chair in my bedroom. Every night as the light faded from white to yellow to gold, I’d open the Word and read. I’d learned something since college, when reading the Bible was an OCD coping mechanism, a way I proved [...]


Healing cannot be gotten cheap at the dollar store.

Healing cannot be gotten cheap at the dollar store. thumbnail

I’m trading my sorrows, trading my shame, Laying them down for the joy of the Lord— My dishrag stopped. I had been wiping down the black granite of my countertop, sweeping up stray ants. Yesterday, I had left a bit of ham on the counter, and I was still reaping the consequences. Now, I listened [...]


Scars for Mary Demuth

Scars for Mary Demuth thumbnail

Mary DeMuth asked if she could feature last week's post about owning our scars on her site. If you don't follow Mary, she writes about living uncaged each day. Her testimony about surviving and healing after sexual abuse always rocks my world. And I'm so grateful that she uses her platform to champion abuse victims in the [...]

God gives us everything for a life of holiness: One Woman’s Yes with Natasha Sistrunk Robinson thumbnail

I've been inspired by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson's thoughts on faith and mentoring for a while now--and am so honored to have had her join me for a week on mentoring at SheLoves. She graciously agreed to share some more about her journey towards mentoring with us here. I'm convinced that our journeys towards each other--intentional, brave, [...]

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When my scars scare the hell out of me

When my scars scare the hell out of me thumbnail

I almost didn't read Darryl Wein’s story. It was the photo on the first page that made me want to flip past it. Weins suffered severe burns to his face when he was electrocuted. In the picture, his skin looked like had melted on the right side, his eye and mouth sliding down his face like [...]


Paying attention: mentoring week kicks off at SheLoves!

I spearheaded a week on mentoring for my favorite online magazine, SheLoves. This week, me and a few other amazing women will be sharing stories about mentoring, practical advice, and life-changing insight about how to connect with mentors--and BE one yourself. One email changed my life. It could change yours too. All Donna-Jean meant to [...]


A made thing: for Antler

For a long time, I simply felt helpless. My youth pastor in high school was spiritually abusive to many of us, and he sexually abused a friend of mine. When she came forward, the police tried to make a case, but there wasn’t enough evidence to meet the burden of proof. Almost two decades later, [...]


The thing you fear might save your life

The thing you fear might save your life thumbnail

As a kid, I hated writing. In sixth grade, my teacher called in my mom for a parent-teacher conference over the state of my journal. Mrs. Kimmerling required a page a day. There was a space above for drawing a picture, and a space below for writing anything you wanted. We were graded on the [...]

Let us proclaim the mystery of faith: One Woman’s Yes with Michelle DeRusha thumbnail

When I saw the title of Michelle DeRusha's memoir, Spiritual Misfit, I knew I had to read it. So much of the good things in my faith recently have flowered because I've come to terms with having a quirky, mysterious, and cobbled-together faith. I really recommend her book. Michelle manages to make faith and doubt seem everyday, [...]