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A tearing or mending season: #wordmadeart


The prompt for this week’s Word Made Art project is punch holes in the pages of your old Bible and weave something through them. The first thing that occurred to me was sewing. I thought of the verse in Ecclesiastes about there being a time for everything–a time to tear and a time to mend. […]

Four Questions that Saved My Faith


I used to be afraid of asking questions about my faith. I avoided reading about controversial topics because the arguments might chip away at beliefs. I tried not to notice my cynicism or bitterness about Christian media or church services or spiritual practices. The problem was that the longer I ignored my questions, the weaker my […]

When theology is like a bad diet


  My friend and I were talking about theology the other day. She comes from a more conservative background than I do, and told me that she has been thinking a lot about some of her beliefs–core beliefs of her upbringing–and wondering if she really, truly believes them. Prone to wander, my friend said of her penchant […]

Grieving the Bible for Bronwyn Lea


I read the Bible all the way through for the first time when I was thirteen. I picked it up every Sunday after the first service at our new church in San Diego, waiting for my parents to finish with choir. I’d pull the volume off the shelf in the church library, get a chunk […]