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Advent 3: Take a knife to your frantic searching

Advent 3: Take a knife to your frantic searching thumbnail

Maybe this Advent is filled with darkness for you. Maybe you’re estranged from family or struggling with finances or trying to keep your head above a tide of blackness. Maybe you worry that your children’s gift list, long as it is, means you’ve taught them something broken about what Christmas is about. Maybe you had [...]

The most crazy-subversive, life-changing, Kingdom-bringing, totally unintuitive thing you can say out loud thumbnail

Sidle up to your best friend at church. Tell your husband when you have a minute alone. Admit it to your mom, to your small group, to your grown child. Or, if all else fails, look in the mirror and say it to yourself. I am not okay. Tell the people you love why you [...]


Advent 2: A tiny spark of hope

Advent 2: A tiny spark of hope thumbnail

Esperar: Spanish for 'to wait' or 'to hope' One way of looking at Advent is that it’s one more Thing to Do. First: find some candles and greenery. Do you own candles in the appropriate colors? Do you have a candle holder for each one? Also: will the greenery pose a fire hazard? Then, every night, share [...]

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Move as if the hounds of hell are after you–for SheLoves Magazine thumbnail

When I walk long distances, I pay a price. It’s a relatively minor one: an ache in my hip that sends tentacles down to my knee. It’s an annoyance, mostly. Sometimes it makes it hard to fall asleep. I feel it after I take an hour’s walk on the beach on Sunday mornings, toes sinking [...]


Four facts about the Bible that blew my mind

Four facts about the Bible that blew my mind thumbnail

I used to think I was a terrible Christian. Why? I didn’t read the Bible regularly for fifteen years. I told myself I was recovering from legalism. Then I was caring for a newborn, a toddler, another newborn. But when I remembered studying the Word every day, I shriveled with shame. Didn’t good Christians read the [...]


Advent 1: let the coming King find you

Advent 1: let the coming King find you thumbnail

I avoided writing this post. Bloggers will tell you to take cues from magazines and theme posts for major holidays. People are thinking holiday, want holiday spirit and joy and inspiration. Go forth and do likewise! I freeze. Because I just have the tiniest amount of performance anxiety when it comes to holidays. Do I [...]

Your real self gets to come play with God: One Woman’s Yes with Kathy Escobar thumbnail

Kathy Escobar is a fellow writer at SheLoves, and her posts just keep breaking me open. Her book, Faith Shift, is wending towards my house right now. When she said we could chat, I did a little victory dance, and then I got very, very nervous. Oh, my, I didn't need to be. I was so blessed [...]


Bright, lucky and sweet for Bronwyn Lea

Bright, lucky and sweet for Bronwyn Lea thumbnail

My sister called on a day that wasn’t working. My three-month old daughter was supposed to nap at noon. Like most nights, I hadn’t slept well, and was exhausted instead of rested in the morning. I was hungry for sleep at 9, yearning by 10:23, biding time anxiously at 11:15 and 11:37. When noon came [...]

A towering pile of needles: What I want to say about Bill Cosby thumbnail

I said I was taking the week off for Thanksgiving and then I just couldn't stop from writing this. It's not holiday-themed. Sorry. [trigger warning: rape and sexual assault] Let’s not be to quick to dismiss Bill Cosby as an evil person. Let’s not put him in a box labeled ‘psychopath’. Let’s not cast him into [...]


happy thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving thumbnail

I've got sage and thyme in the fridge, and a pie crust waiting to be filled on Thursday. There was a crazy low tide yesterday, and the whole beach looked like a mirror. I hope you have a week full of blessings and thankfulness, no matter where circumstances find you. I'm so thankful for YOU, dear [...]

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