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Bright, lucky and sweet for Bronwyn Lea

Bright, lucky and sweet for Bronwyn Lea thumbnail

My sister called on a day that wasn’t working. My three-month old daughter was supposed to nap at noon. Like most nights, I hadn’t slept well, and was exhausted instead of rested in the morning. I was hungry for sleep at 9, yearning by 10:23, biding time anxiously at 11:15 and 11:37. When noon came [...]

A towering pile of needles: What I want to say about Bill Cosby thumbnail

I said I was taking the week off for Thanksgiving and then I just couldn't stop from writing this. It's not holiday-themed. Sorry. [trigger warning: rape and sexual assault] Let’s not be to quick to dismiss Bill Cosby as an evil person. Let’s not put him in a box labeled ‘psychopath’. Let’s not cast him into [...]


happy thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving thumbnail

I've got sage and thyme in the fridge, and a pie crust waiting to be filled on Thursday. There was a crazy low tide yesterday, and the whole beach looked like a mirror. I hope you have a week full of blessings and thankfulness, no matter where circumstances find you. I'm so thankful for YOU, dear [...]

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Our best efforts are our first fruits for the altar

Our best efforts are our first fruits for the altar thumbnail

My book is in the can. And people keep asking me how it feels. You know what? It feels awesome. I’m super-proud of myself for what I accomplished. I think the book is necessary, and different, and beautiful. I am convinced it will help people. I learned a ton writing it. But you know how [...]


Under the wings of devotion

Under the wings of devotion thumbnail

“It’s been a lot harder to do my devos lately,” Samantha said. She and I were sitting on the scarlet couch in her living room, along with the other women in our small group. We had split up from our spouses for prayer requests, and Samantha was sharing hers. She shifted her newborn in her [...]


The seed of this project about the Bible was planted by Preston Yancey, who talked about how important he felt reading the Bible regularly was for discussions of theology. Or something. I am having trouble finding the post. Thanks a lot, Internet. (And Preston, forgive me if I mischaracterize your words…when I read them I was [...]


Blessings in the midst of the dark

Blessings in the midst of the dark thumbnail

It had been a long, dispiriting day. Week. Month. Season. That night, the air in my bedroom was close and still, and I suddenly felt claustrophobic. I grabbed my Book of Common Prayer and went out onto the patio, even though there’s no furniture out there. I had to get out of the house. The [...]

A tale of two Bibles: (de)tales for Cara Strickland thumbnail

When I need a Bible, I reach for my husband’s. It’s leather-bound with his name embossed on the front. His parents gave it to him. Tucked inside is a fabric cross his mom needle-pointed with a few spindly pink irises. Parts of the spine are cracked and peeling off glossy finish, and it has a [...]


the gift of resentment: For Simple Homeschool

the gift of resentment: For Simple Homeschool thumbnail

I looked at my monthly calendar and sighed. It was the twenty-fifth, and that meant it was time to write down what had gone well—and not so well—that month for homeschooling. Except I didn’t want to. I knew I was supposed to. I was supposed to be tracking how my children were doing, taking notes [...]

when you make peace with emptiness, you are ready to be filled thumbnail

I'm going to talk about writing for a minute, but bear with me. It's not really about writing. It's about God. And faith. And the Bible. So. In "The Getaway Car" Ann Patchett considers, with aplomb, every author's biggest nightmare. “As far as I'm concerned, writer's block is a myth,” she said. Here’s her prescription: [...]