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Hunger for Rock & Sling

Hunger for Rock & Sling thumbnail

I was a junior in college when my Bible study leader, Tina, recommended that I memorize Scripture. She pulled out a card from her pocket to show me. “I write my memory verse on this and carry it in my pocket,” she said. In her neat printing, it read, Blessed is the one …whose delight [...]


You don’t look like sisters: for the SheLoves synchroblog

You don’t look like sisters: for the SheLoves synchroblog thumbnail

“That’s funny—you don’t look like sisters,” the woman said. My sister Katie and I were facing away from the ocean and making chit-chat with this stranger whose kids played with mine. Behind us, my daughters were digging a hole for themselves, the chilly Pacific saltwater splashing over their chubby legs. I looked at my sister, and [...]


Four metaphors for faith I’m putting out of their misery

The idea of “controlling metaphors” has been flitting around in my brain lately. For those of you who didn't get excited about lit classes, a controlling metaphor is sort of an overarching motif that runs through an entire work of literature. For example, a controlling metaphor in C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books is Narnia is a version [...]

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Why I swear sometimes

Why I swear sometimes thumbnail

I recently got a respectful and fraught email from a (now former) subscriber. She said she was unsubscribing because of a swear word I used on a recent post—“shitty”. (And then last week, I didn't censor that word in an interview...because I thought it was warranted.) My former reader mentioned the verse from Timothy about not having [...]


You know what I just did?

You know what I just did? thumbnail

I ordered a proof of my new book, Unquiet Time.  Right now, they are printing up a few copies of my book for me and putting it into an envelope and sending it to me IN THE MAIL. (If this were a musical, I would be breaking out into song right about...now.) You'll be able to [...]

“I want to hear what my neighbors say.” Quiet Time Confidential with D.L. Mayfield thumbnail

D.L. Mayfield's words about the Kingdom of God blow the lid off my very careful Christianity over and over. I love that she is trying to figure out how to live out her faith out among the poor, and that she's not pretending the experience is all unicorns and rainbows. She isn't selling me something--but she does [...]

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My gut crying out to God: One Woman’s Yes with Carly Gelsinger thumbnail

When I first came across Carly Gelsinger's site, I didn't know if we'd have a lot in common. I didn't grow up in a fundamentalist church, so would her work really speak to me? The answer was yes. The anxiety, the search for new pathways through faith, and what remains of faith after spiritual crises. I was [...]

What Are You Speaking, Lord?: Gail Dudley’s Quiet Time Confidential thumbnail

I was so honored to have Gail Dudley, a pastor, author, and forceful woman of God, agree to respond to my questions about reading the Bible. I read some of Gail's personal story--feeling ashamed, caught in lies about her basic worth--in her book, Who Told You That?: The truth about the lies. Gail's approach to Scripture [...]

Everything I needed to know about reading the Bible I learned from making art thumbnail

I have read the Bible in church and youth group and para-church ministries. I’ve done Bible seminars and one-day trainings and workbooks. I’ve read the Word in another language and culture, read the whole shebang a handful of times. I’ve done word studies and topic studies and inductive studies and Lectio Divina. But the longer I [...]

“Extending hospitality to the Word of God”: Micha Boyett’s Quiet Time Confidential thumbnail

Do you ever wonder how other people encounter--or don't encounter--the Word of God? In preparation for my (!) new ebook, Unquiet Time: a devotional for the rest of us, I asked readers and blogging friends to spill the beans about their scripture-reading habits. Over the next month, I'll post some of the interviews. I'm amazed at the thoughtfulness, differing perspectives, [...]